One of the Best All-Water, Fishing Kayak Options on the Market

jackson cuda 12 accessoriesThe perfect fishing kayak is light, having the right shape and equipped with convenience features or “secret weapons” that will make it a lot easier for you to go after the next prize catch. Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 is one such kayak that all fishermen can appreciate for its modern design, practicality and clever features

A very light and manoeuvrable kayak, this one is great for fishing in lakes and mellow rivers.

The kayak features a sharp V line of the bow, which is needed to help the boat cut a fine line into the reeds. In addition, the kayak features high/low seat settings of the seat. Go low whenever you need stability or high if you’d like to get a clear view of the surroundings.

Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 has enough storage space for two regular sized plastic tackle boxes. These can be placed under the seat when it’s on the high setting. In addition, the boat is also equipped with a central storage hatch. Use this space for additional rods or even a tent.

jackson cuda 12


Several other characteristics set this kayak apart from everything else that the market has to offer.

cuda 12 specificationsThe most important ones include:

  • Paddle holders that are great for preventing chips on the kayak, if you need to use both of your hands for fishing
  • A GoPro mount is available for a waterproof camera
  • Ram Tough Tubes are available for the adjustment of your roads and these have several settings
  • A skid plate protects the kayak during transportation
  • A long-load safety flag is also available to help you adhere to traffic regulations while transporting the boat

Jackson Cuda 12 Review

Every fisherman has preferences when it comes to buying the right boat and I’m no exception. The last time my favourite boat needed to be replaced, I felt quite challenged. Needless to say, nobody likes to change their brand of preference but sooner or later this will have to happen.

The next one I got was the Jackson Cuda 12 and this review is dedicated to the boat. A longer and sharper boat than many on the other kayaks on the market, this one has distinctive features that I immediately fell in love with.

It moves fast, it’s stable in even the harshest of conditions and it comes equipped with a medley of features. The boat does have a few shortcomings but the overall experience is rather positive. So, to give you a better idea about what I liked and what I wasn’t particularly thrilled about, here’s my comprehensive Jackson Cuda 12 review.

Jackson Cuda 12 Main Specifications

Before moving on to my experience with Jackson Cuda 12, I’d like to give you access to the main specifications of this kayak and help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

jackson cuda 12 reviewThe kayak measures 12’6 and its width is 31 inches. The weight of Cuda 12 is 74 pounds, which takes it to the lighter category of fishing kayaks. The capacity of the kayak is 359 pounds. This is a paddle vessel, so if you’ve never tried this type of fishing vessel in the past, you may want to give it a try before making a purchase.

Jackson Cuda 12 Boat Stability

This boat has an adjustable seat. The seat can go either high or low, depending on the preferences of the fisherman and the conditions in which the boat is being used. The position of the seat has a determining impact on the stability of the kayak.

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Obviously, the boat is most stable when the seat is in the low position. Anyone who hasn’t been in such a boat before should begin with the low setting and gradually get used to the high seat.

I prefer the low seat position whenever I use the kayak on big water. When it comes to ponds and warmer waters, the high position is suitable since the lack of movement keeps the kayak stable.

The kayak’s length and width also contribute to it being stable. The length of the kayak makes it both fast and easy to manoeuvre. The width is small to keep the kayak light, yet sufficient to increase its stability.

All in all, when it comes to being seated, Jackson Cuda 12 does maintain its stability when the right setting is chosen for the particular water basin.

Next, I decided to test the Cuda 12 by standing up in the boat and checking whether I’d feel comfortable this way. According to me, the boat is a stable one, even when it’s being used by a standing person. Other fishermen would have a rather different opinion – just Google for Cuda 12 reviews and you’ll come across many diversified experiences with this boat. The experience is often dependent on centre of gravity, fishing style and individual preferences. It’s very difficult to make a conclusion that will be universally applicable. If standing in the boat while fishing isn’t a major priority for you, the Cuda 12 will most definitely be a great pick. Otherwise, you’ll need to test the boat for yourself and decide.

Available Storage Space in the Jackson Cuda 12

The next big question focuses on the availability of storage space. Every fisherman knows that having sufficient space is one of the essentials for enjoying the experience and making sure that everything is conveniently tucked or available in the case of necessity.

My personal preference is to have an open deck on the fishing boat. A centre hatch is big enough for the placement of multiple things and accessories. This is the option that I feel particularly comfortable with.

Cuda 12 comes with a cental hatch that’s quite roomy. This means that no items will be moving around and interfering with fishing. I’ve been capable of holding my personal items, spare rods and even a tent in the central hatch. There’s an insert placed in the central hatch, which does an excellent job in terms of keeping the items where they are supposed to be.

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On top of that, the boat has some storage space under the seat whenever it’s being used on the high setting.

You can choose between bigger boxes, storage units with dividers or the ones without. Once again – it’s a matter of individual preference and the specifics of the items that will be stored in the boxes.

Finally, Cuda 12 has storage hatches in the front and the rear parts of the kayak. The moulded inner rim keeps them dry and the hatches are reasonably big.

Moving the Jackson Cuda 12 Around

One of the most difficult things for many fishermen is moving the boat around until they arrive at the destination of preference. There were no problems experienced whatsoever with the transportation of Jackson Cuda 12.

The Cuda 12 measures 12’6 and it’s ideal for the individuals that have limited storage space. On top of being great for staying in a small shed at home, the kayak is also easy to transport. Whether you’re transporting the kayak in a trailer or on top of a vehicle, you aren’t going to experience any problems with it.

Cuda 12 is fairly light. Thus, there isn’t going to be any struggle when it comes to putting the kayak on top of an automobile.

The Jackson Cuda 12 Offers Speed and Comfort

Cuda kayaks are all equipped with Elite Seat. As already mentioned, the seat can be adjusted and you can choose among its high and low settings. The selection of one or the other will depend entirely on the fishing venue that you choose and the seating option that makes you feel most comfortable.

I’d have to say that I was really pleased with the comfort of the seat and I don’t have any negative remarks about it.

When it comes to speed, this is another field in which the kayak does deliver. The narrow V shape and its lightness make the kayak incredibly quick. In addition, the boat itself rides low in the water and remains aerodynamic at all times.

I’m 100 percent confident that this is the boat I’ll take to a fishing trip regardless of the weather condition. Since the boat is positioned low, it doesn’t get seriously affected by wind. This means that even if a storm is approaching, you can paddle your way to a place of safety.

Cuda 12 Tracking

Cuda 12 excels when it comes to tracking, especially in terms of a boat with its particular size.

When paddling, you’ll be affected by minimal side to side movement. Thus, moving around is a lot easier than expected. The Cuda 12 is very easy to move around, it turns quickly and can move really, really well. To sum it up, I’m impressed by the tracking of the Jackson Cuda 12.

Cuda 12 Versatility

It’s advertised as an all-water kayak and in my experience, this isn’t just marketing hype. The boat does perform quite well in all kinds of waters and as already mentioned – in a range of different conditions.

I personally have tried Jackson Cuda 12 in a lake and a river. I’ve gone with the current and against it. I’ve even tested the kayak in a tiny pond. Regardless of the water basin, the performance was impeccable every single time.


Anyone who’s looking for versatility from the same fishing boat will be satisfied by the Jackson Cuda 12. This boat is ideal for the person that likes fishing in more than one kinds of environment and isn’t too keen on purchasing many different kayaks.

I’m very happy with my Cuda 12 but keep in mind that if you’re very much into fishing while standing up, you may be disappointed by what kayaks have to offer. These boats are simply not as stable as some of the other vessels that fishermen rely on.

Trying to stand in this boat, for example testing out the Cuda 12 a friend has, is the best way to figure out whether you’ll feel stable in it.

I’m very impressed by this kayak and as already mentioned, this is my go-to boat for any type of fishing trip. Yes, it seems that my loyalty has switched and right now, I’m a major fan of the Jackson kayak developments. If I’d have to mention one shortcoming of this vessel, it would have to be the lack of an anchor trolley. Still, it’s a minor setback that just about every fisherman will be capable of overcoming on their own and without having to spend a ton of money on customisation.

The kayak is great. I love the experience that it brings to the table. There’s no motor like in the case of a motorboat, which contributes to the sensation of man against nature. If you don’t need tons of storage space, the added convenience of a motor and the size of a bigger boat, I’d recommend a kayak. I’d recommend one kayak in particular and the name of the product is Jackson Cuda 12

Everything You Need to Know about Choosing the Right Fishing Kayak

When it comes to angler kayaks, choosing the best one is always an exciting task. Experienced anglers will be as perplexed by the market diversity, as someone who’s just getting started. Discovering the ideal fishing kayak can take anything from a day to a month.

This is one of the main reasons for the creation of this guide – a detailed overview of the market options that also features some tips and practical suggestions. You’ll understand how professional, semi-professionals and amateur kayaks differ from each other and how to pick the variety that will 100 per cent correspond to your needs.

Our 2015 fishing kayak reviews have taken a lot of research so that you don’t have to worry about making the right choice. We’ve gathered and presented the information in a way that simplifies the decision making process.

Many stores have a number of kayaks available in stock and most of them feature two versions: unrigged (regular) and the rigged version (angler).Buying the rigged version is what most anglers prefer to do, so they will save on time (and sometimes money). It is, however, inevitable to sooner or later start working on your own kayak. Beginning with unrigged kayaks that need to be modified will definitely demand experience and knowing the right ways to get the job done.

As time passes, chances are that you’ll become more and more comfortable with buying unrigged kayaks and tweaking those in accordance with your individual preferences.

What to Look for before Buying the Best Fishing Kayak?

Several characteristics happen to be very important for determining the performance of the kayak:

  1. Length for speed, width for stability: if you want to have a racing-worth kayak with speed to match the pros, choose a longer and narrower variety. For a more stable and less extreme take on the sport, try a wider and shorter kayak. Anyone who is interested in going down fast currents will need to opt for a kayak that features more support. The support comes in the form of a rocker that looks like an upswept bow. A rocker kayak, however, isn’t particularly suitable for calm waters.
  2. Seat location and positioning: there are two types of kayak designs – sit-in or sit-on top fishing kayaks. Experienced anglers are much more comfortable with the sit-on-top design because it allows for more freedom of movement. Choosing a sit-on top kayak for fishing in lower temperatures, however, is not a good idea because of being exposed to the cold water. Same goes for waters with strong currents. For these locations, it is a much better idea to fish in a kayak that’s equipped with a contraption similar to a cockpit. In addition to keeping you dry and warm, the cockpit will improve your balance because the centre of gravity is lowered. Sit-in kayaks are mainly known for the available storage space that’s perfect for fishermen in possession of tons of accessories. One of the biggest downsides of those is that having to sit low will limit visibility and slow down your reaction time.
  3. Unrigged or rigged: technically speaking, the only big difference between a pre-rigged kayak and the other type is that the rigged one has a build-in holder for your rods, fishing baits and other standard fishing equipment. Stock kayaks, on the other hand, happen to be much cheaper. Veterans are able to save a lot by purchasing a stock one and rigging it themselves. Rigging a kayak isn’t an easy task and it certainly is far from the best option for inexperienced anglers. Maintaining the balance by doing the alterations is a challenge even for the most experienced fishermen.
  4. Do you really need a motor: if you are fishing with a kayak, then there is hardly any reason for you to choose motor-based acceleration. While it is possible to install a trolling motor, it just ruins the very benefit of using a kayak. Instead, choose the lightest possible paddle for an authentic and enjoyable experience.

An Overview of the 2015 Top Fishing Kayaks on the Market

Mirage Oasis Kayak by Hobie

The Mirage Oasis by Hobie has one very impressive characteristic – it happens to be one of the fastest kayaks on the market. There is no competition for this model when it comes to reaching from point A to point B in a limited amount of time. This is a tandem kayak, which is a lot of fun to ride either by yourself or in the company of a fishing buddy.
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The Mirage Oasis has an additional storage compartment that features more than enough space for your accessories. The storage compartment is located right below the deck and it’s located between a twist hatch.

Dual steering is available with the Mirage Oasis by Hobie. There is rudder that is designed precisely to enable the use of the function. The control handles themselves have an ergonomic, T-shaped form. By using them, anglers can easily engage or disengage the rudder. As this is a tandem kayak, it has two positions – back and front.

Many kayaks come with speed and functionality for the sake of comfort. Mirage Oasis by Hobie is different. It’s one of the few options on the market to feature padded seats. Anyone interested in a premium fishing experience should consider the model.

One final characteristic worth mentioning is that the kayak enables either paddling or pedalling, depending on needs and preferences. The company puts emphasis on both comfort and versatility, which is why its kayak range happens to feature among the most popular ones on the market.

Hobie Mirage Oasis Kayak 2013 Ivory

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Ocean Kayak’s Trident 15 & 13 (Sit-on Top Kayaks)

The Ocean Kayak Trident 15 was one of the first angler kayaks to be released on the market. This sit-on top kayak has a special design, which was revolutionary at the time of its release and especially encouraged fishing activities.
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This kayak is still a leader on the market because of its well-thought design. The deck is carefully built, so that it allows for additional mounting options. Storage on board is also available. Ocean Kayak Trident 15 is also equipped with a professional hatch that features the company’s specialised locking system. The seats are comfortable and they happen to be functionally long enough to allow paddling and easy fishing. This kayak is also equipped with a number of additional perks including a sonar shield for the display.

Both Ocean Kayak’s Trident 13 and 15 models feature ergonomically designed handles for the easiest possible transportation of the kayaks. The Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Angler Sit-On-Top kayak happens to be an ideal pick for anglers regardless of their experience level. Both amateurs and people that have spent years practicing the hobby will find it enjoyable.

Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak Urban Camo

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Pelican Liberty 100X Angler Kayak

The Pelican Liberty 100X Angler Kayak is among the premium models that the company has brought to the market. It is a small in length but large in capabilities version of their trademark comfortable designs. The top Pelican components are used in the design, contributing even further to the quality.
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The base of the kayak is made from polyethylene. The specific hull (with twin arches) is an important component that delivers a range of benefits from faster acceleration to increased kayak stability.

Pelican Liberty 100X is equipped with all accessories that are needed for an enjoyable and productive fishing adventure – rod holders, a paddle holder, a ton of storage space, comfortable pegs for the feet with adjustable sizes, a mounted cockpit table, a cup holder net and a dry bag among various others.

The length of Pelican Liberty 100X is only 10 feet. The kayak, however, has a bigger rear section enabling sufficient storage. The storage compartment is located on the back side of the seat, which contributes to the highly functional layout of the kayak.

Pelican Liberty 100X Angler Kayak

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Predator 13 Kayak by Old Town

When it comes to design and performance, Predator 13 is one of the top picks on the market. Its specialised polyethylene hull is manufactured to guarantee maximum stability of the boat and to boost durability (giving you the best possible value for your money).
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On top of being very sturdy, Old Town’s Predator 13 has a number of fun accessories, as well as features for added comfort.

Any angler’s fishing abilities are enhanced by the very layout of the Predator – the locations of the paddle, rods and sitting area are all strategic.

There are several noteworthy features including a tank that keeps fishing equipment dry regardless of the conditions (it will even protect your smartphone), a bow hatch that’s easy to lock and that can store some bigger fishing gear and a smart additional space that consists of smaller storage areas located on either side of the kayak.

A final characteristic worth mentioning is the ease of customizing Predator 13. Mounting plates are available in six spots, which means that hull drilling doesn’t have to take place in order to guarantee convenience.

Old Town Predator 13 Angler Kayak

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Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler Kayak

Perception Sport Pescador 12 is a stable boat that is very intuitive and functional. It is 100 per cent rigged and it features a flush-mount rod holder, tankwell, bungee cord, bow hatch, centre day hatch compartment and a comfortable seating area.
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The cockpit itself is larger than the usual for such models. It provides sufficient amounts of space and it happens to be quite comfortable for taller anglers.

Its hull is designed for lake tracking specifically but it also allows for quick turns.

The cockpit itself is larger than the usual for such models. It provides sufficient amounts of space and it happens to be quite comfortable for taller anglers.

Its hull is designed for lake tracking specifically but it also allows for quick turns.

Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler Kayak

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KL Industries Sun Dolphin Journey SS Kayak

For both the fun-loving family adventurers and the anglers, this kayak is probably ranked as one of the best purchases. Equipped with a pre-installed swivel rod holder, it’s ideal for a fishing trip and it also happens to be more affordable than the other list entries. On top of the swivel rod holder, the boat also has flush mount variety, just in case. The kayak comes with a dry box for small equipment such as fish finders, cell phones and GPS systems.
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A comfortable seat and a widely open cockpit are probably the kayak’s biggest assets. The footrests are adjustable for added comfort. It is also wide enough for tandem angling, although it does not have two individual seating areas. The boat’s carrier for accessories, padded seatbacks and braces for the feet also rank among the most important and convenient KL Industries Sun Dolphin Journey SS accessories.

The rugged and stabilised construction of this kayak increase its longevity and also make it very easy to transport from one location to another.

KL Industries Sun Dolphin Journey SS Kayak drab green

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Choosing the Right Fishing Kayak for Your Budget

Many online videos guide you through the process of choosing the right kayak without breaking the bank. But just a couple of those focus on the highly specialised needs of an angler.

As already mentioned, the market features dozens of options and each one comes with a specific price tag. It’s crucial to understand the differences between the categories and figure out what makes one kayak more expensive than another. Once you understand those product categories, choosing a fishing boat will become a much simpler task.

Regardless of the waters that you enjoy the most and the types of fishing adventures you prefer participating in, you have to choose a stable and safe kayak that will last long enough to pay out its price.

jackson cuda kayakYour kayak is not just a means of transportation; you will be spending hours in it during the fishing trip. A comfortable interior will contribute to a memorable experience.

Once you’ve dealt with the comfort considerations, analyse the specific manner in which you plan to use the kayak. Thinking about those needs and having a pre-determined budget will make it a lot easier for you to finalise the decision and narrow it down to just a couple of models. Set a top spending limit (400 dollars? 1000 dollars?) and once you have, you’ll go through the market possibilities much faster.

So, what exactly are you planning to do? Are you in need of a recreational kayak for calm waters? Or maybe you like to share fishing experiences with friends and family (in which case you’ll need a tandem kayak)? Finally, you could be an adrenaline enthusiast that’s interested in enjoying rapid currents. Think about those possibilities because they will determine the specifics of your kayak.

In addition, the intended use will also determine the types of accessories you’ll have to buy.

Most Important Characteristics of the Best Kayak for Fishing and Adventures

Finding fishing kayak reviews is easy – from online stores to the accounts of other anglers and even blog posts. Needless to say, everybody has an opinion. What works for somebody else, however, isn’t necessarily going to be the best boat for you.

There are several key considerations every potential fishing kayak owner should go through. The most important ones include:

  • Stability: primary stability is the level of wobble when sitting inside or on a kayak. Secondary stability is how the kayak behaves even near its flipping point. Most new anglers should focus on the initial stability, while experienced kayakers need to pay careful attention to secondary stability.
  • Acceleration: fast kayaks are best for more dangerous waters. For the calmer regions and lakes, as well as for fishing close to the shore, you will need a wider and shorter kayak that will give you a smooth ride. Angling in bays and in the sea asks for longer and narrower kayaks that tend to go much faster.
  • Manoeuvrability: while less capable of producing speed, short kayaks give you more when it comes to manoeuvrability. Small creeks and narrow riverbeds are the perfect places for them.
  • Sufficient storage: try to find a kayak that will have enough space for all of your fishing supplies– rods, fishing lines, additional baits and even personal gadgets. Double hull boats usually feature a storage area that is located below the boat’s deck and are best for the anglers that need to fit a lot inside.

Make it Fun!

It’s crucial for you to know all about the sport before actually splurging your salary on rods, elite baits, lines and spinning reels. Take things slow and explore the possibilities because as already mentioned – the market has a lot to offer.

Kayak fishing is a versatile sport that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. To be a successful angler, you should know your locations, the fishing equipment and most importantly – your kayak.

Don’t make a compromise when it comes to picking the equipment for your hobby. Finally – remember to have fun. Choosing the right boat should be an enjoyable experience and so should spending time in nature and practicing that hobby. Good luck!